Choose beauty, history, music and a family-friendly atmosphere.

It feels good.

We are blessed to see all four beautiful seasons throughout the year. The average summer high temperature is 89 degrees with a low of 62. Winter temperatures average 41 degrees for the high and 27 degrees for the low.

Education is a priority.

Carter County offers higher education at Northeast State Community College, with a satellite campus in Elizabethton, and at the main campus of Milligan College. Elizabethton is also about a 15 minute drive from East Tennessee State University.

We’ll take care of you.

Healthcare is always uppermost in the minds of smart, plan-ahead retirees. For injuries and illnesses of a non-life-threatening nature, visit First Assist Urgent Care, Elizabethton. For medical care that requires lab work, radiology or imaging, the Elizabethton office of Medical Care is available, with other diagnostic services on hand. Sycamore Shoals Hospital’s ER is open twenty-four hours, seven days a week, to coordinate and ensure your prompt diagnosis and efficient treatment.

Sycamore Shoals Hospital is a full service hospital accredited by The Joint Commission. Services include 24/7 Emergency Department, Accredited Chest Pain Center, Inpatient and Outpatient Surgical Services, Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, Intensive Care Unit, and an Inpatient Geropsych Unit. Sycamore Shoals Hospital holds a dual certification by the Joint Commission in both Chest Pain and Heart Failure. It has received a 4 Star Overall Quality Rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and it has also been voted Top 3 Cleanest Hospital in the state by Becker’s Review in 2016.

Sycamore Shoals Hospital Emergency Department serves Elizabethton, Carter County, Johnson County and South Johnson City.

You can afford it.

Elegant White House
1,652 square feet

Beautiful Brick House
2,411 square feet

Recently, Tennessee earned a number-one spot among states considered prime retirement locations in a study. Ranked by data such as climate, tax rates, cost of living and access to health care, Tennessee has a cost of living 9.6% below the national average.

Our state and local tax burden is the third lowest in the nation, with residents enjoying no income tax except on interest and dividends. State sales tax is 7%; 4% for food.

Tennessee has no state property tax. Property taxes are locally determined and collected.

The median home value in Carter County is $100,270.


Betti Stevens

Carter County is such a peaceful, wonderful place to live. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. It is truly a community that watches out for each other. It has the most picturesque views! Carter County is home.

Tonya White

We moved to Carter County for the location. Carter County offers access to everything we need such as travel, playing in the mountains, medical care and entertainment. Everything we could want is within driving distance. Carter County is so welcoming and everyone is very friendly. We are extremely happy with our decision to move here.