Twins Field to see renovations soon

Months of deliberation could soon result in action if plans go accordingly Thursday evening.
Elizabethton City Council will meet in a regularly scheduled session this week to address a plethora of items, including the renovations for Joe O’Brien Field – the home of the Elizabethton Twins Minor League Baseball team.
Councilmen will look at approving a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the City of Elizabethton and the Minnesota Twins baseball organization. The E-Twins, an affiliate of Minnesota, are coming off their 44th year in the City and recently won the 2017 Appalachian League championship against Pulaski.
The MOU goes into detail following the city’s decision to contribute $1.5 million worth of bond funding to go toward the park – designated as a recreation service.
Funding is designated primarily for clubhouse improvements to have Joe O’Brien in compliance with MiLB regulations. The biggest portion of the project includes a new home clubhouse, estimated at 5,500 square foot and based off designs from Pulaski. Renovations would include:
• Locker room with 38 lockers
• Player bathroom and showers
• Player lounge/classroom with a kitchen area
• Training room
• Video room
• Manager office
• Coaches locker room
• Laundry room
• Storage

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