Doe River Gorge offers weekend passes

Have you always wanted to join your child at summer camp for a day? Doe River Gorge can make that happen.

Every summer the adventure camp opens its grounds to the public. This means guests have access to a triple water zipline, train rides, a water launch pad called “The Blob,” octaball, the sand beach, sand volleyball, water basketball, water volleyball, a log roll, swimming raft, water slide, Sidetrack Cafe, disc golf and 9-square in the air.

The Day Quest passes cost $18 per person except age 7 and under is free. An entire day is 10:00 am – to 4:30 pm.

Guests can also choose to add skeet shooting ($10), ride a UNIMOG ($10), ride horses ($20) and reach the top of the climbing tower ($10) to their pass.

Dates for Day Quests are every Saturday from July 1 through September 9.

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